How to connect the tablet to your Android devices?

In order to use tablet on your Android devices, please make sure that your Android devices support OTG function, otherwise it is not able to detect the external input devices.
1.Go to “settings” in your android device and search for “OTG”, turn on the OTG function before connecting the tablet to your android. Most of the latest android model support OTG in default, you don’t have to turn it on manually. Anyway, please make sure the android has OTG.
2.Find the USB cable and OTG adaptor inside the package and connect them together, then use this to connect the tablet to your android device. You don’t have to install the driver, it will be functional when the tablet is successfully connected.
3.Hold your EMR pen on the tablet and there will be a cursor appear on your android device. You can use your pen to control your android on the tablet just like your finger on the screen.

What might go wrong when you use the tablet for the first time?
1.The tablet has no response
First, please check if the cable and the adaptor are well-connected.
Second, make sure your android has OTG function and turned on.
Third, use your pen in the phone area on the tablet (a smaller range on the tablet)
2.The cursor doesn’t move in the same direction as the pen?
The screen of recent mobile devices has become bigger and longer. Since we designed the tablet for desktop monitor which is mostly 16:9, it won’t fit the vertical direction on the mobile devices, so we turned the direction on the tablet when it is connected to android devices, users will have to turn the tablet 90 degrees to use the tablet in correspondence with your hand movement.

Post time: Jun-20-2022