How does graphic tablet work?

It seems like pretty intuitive to pick up a pen and draw a line on a paper for us. But it has a great different for the graphic tablet to achieve that, let’s talk a bit more about this.

First, how does a graphic tablet to capture the movement of the pen?
Inside the graphic tablet, there is an induction panel, however, your computer only knows zero and one, not the trace of your movement. So, actually the function of graphic tablet is to transfer the track of the pen into zero and one for computer to understand. Then, the problem is for the graphic tablet to know the position of your pen. The sensing panel in the tablet consists of two layers, and each layer is closely arranged with sensing lines, which are used to send and receive signals from the pen. The direction of the sensing lines in these two layers intersect at ninety degrees, the layer which the sensing lines are parallel to the x-axis is used to sense the movement of the pen in the y-axis direction, on the contrary, the layer parallel to the y-axis is used to sense the movement of the pen in the x-axis. Whenever the pen passes through a certain area, the current in the sensing line will change slightly, and the chip in the tablet can calculate the position of the pen relative to the tablet according to the program we wrote, so we succeeded in the first step of inputting pen movements into the computer.

Second, how to sense the force that being applied to the pen?
Some might say, how hard can it be? Just put a force sensor inside the pen. This is one of the solutions but it’s not the whole story. In the past the pen was designed to be wired to the graphic tablet to get power and exchange signals with it, you can put a force sensor or whatever you want into the pen. However, when we were developing the groundbreaking wireless pen technology, the biggest problem we faced was how to send the signal without power cable. We tried many different methods effortlessly and we create a component that make use of the electromagnetic resonance which allows the pen to send signal via magnetic field instead of cable. Once we figure out the way of sending signal, the rest of the work will be given to chip and program. By calculating the signal, the tablet can know how much force you have applied to the pen. Our tablet has 8192 level of force sensing make it extremely sensitive to the changing of the force, giving you a realistic experience as drawing on the paper.

Third, how to make it responsive?
Talking about responsiveness, the transmission speed of the data is the most critical factor. As you may notice, the higher report rates your mouse have, the more responsive your mouse will be. Same as the mouse, when the graphic tablet gets the position and force signal from your pen, it needs to be computed inside the chip of the graphic tablet and then your computer will receive the processed data and display it on your computer screen.
To make it responsive, we have to make sure that every signal we receive is processed accurately and fast, that’s where our software engineers come up to the stage, they optimized the processing algorithm to ensure that the feeling of drawing on our graphic tablet resembles drawing on paper.
These three things above are the explanation of how graphic tablet works, this is a product that combines the effort of multiple companies, all these efforts were devoted to creating a better experience for people to draw on computer.
If you are a professional artist or just an art enthusiast or want to take note on your computer, don’t hesitate to check our this product, we believe that we can stun you with the experience of our products.

How to maintain the drawing experience?
It is obvious that the pen nib and the tablet surface will be wore off during daily use, to keep the drawing experience, we can replace the old nib with new one, use the nib tweezer to pull out the old nib and stick the new one into the pen, then you are good to go.
Changing the surface film is easier, just attach a new one above the old one, nice and clean.

Post time: Aug-15-2022