Battery-free EMR Pen for VINSA Graphic tablet

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● 8,192 Level of pressure sensitivity
● Weight only 9.5g
● Wireless design, makes it a real pen writing experience
● 2 express keys on pen
● Battery-free, no charging required
● POM pen nib, strong and durable

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VINSA Battery-free EMR pen is specially designed for graphic tablet manufactured by VINSA.
No battery – The application of EMR technology makes it possible to get rid of the battery. This makes the pen much lighter and it’s much more comfortable for the professionals to create their great work in a long period of time without feeling tired.
EMR Technology – Wire is now gone, instead the EMR take its place. By transmitting the electromagnetic signal on the surface of the graphic tablet, it allows the pen to communicate with the tablet without using wire. The super fast speed and low latency makes it even better for a graphic tablet. And it’s also very energy-saving.
Long pen nib – After a long time of development, the new version of pen nib is more stable and more durable than the previous short nib, and it’s much easier to change with the nib tweezer.

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  • This is an accessory that only for graphic tablets made by VINSA.

    Just the right size
    Suitable for the hand size of majority of people around the world

    Light and easy to use
    9.5g weight as a normal ball pen

    Battery-free and wireless
    Thanks to EMR technology, you don’t have to charge the pen with wire anymore

    Replaceable pen nib
    Prolong the lifespan of your pen with just an easy pen nib changing

    Product Name Battery-free EMR pen for VINSA Graphic tablet
    Net Weight 9.5g
    Product Dimension 15.5mm
    Press Key 2 express keys
    Interface Wireless
    Compatible Tablet VIN1060Plus, T505, T608