Artist Glove for Drawing Graphic Tablet

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● Anti-fouling
● Two finger design
● Spandex material makes it smooth and flexible

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1. Drawing Tablet Glove - Our two-finger digital art glove is designed for digital drawing on graphic tablets, iPads and also use for traditional drawing techniques such as paper sketching.
2. Palm Rejection Glove - Extra padding makes our tablet glove thick enough to prevent palm detection by touchscreen, you can draw on the touch screen without worrying about accidental inputs.
3. Smudge Guard Glove - The drawing hand glove prevents smears and eliminates the grease that appear on the screen caused by our skin. No more palm touch and fingerprints.
4. Premium Lycra Glove - Made of Lycra fibers, the glove is breathable and flexible. With drawing gloves, your hands can draw smoothly on the surface without feeling friction.
5. Work for both hands - Artist Glove with two fingers; The package includes one unit of glove which can be used on both hand
6. Classic color - The glove is black, peaceful and charming color; And the most important point is that this color is soiling resistant so you do not need to wash it frequently.
7. Flexible using - Works perfectly for sketching, inking, coloring and digital drawing on graphics tablets.

VINSA’s two-finger drawing glove is designed for digital artists. Allowing the hand to slide smoothly over the tablet screen and eliminating the friction between the screen and the surface, it enables you to operate tablet without dragging your palm across it, and you don't need to worry about messing up works you are doing. This lightweight artist glove is made for graphic tablet, iPad, tracing light pad, drawing monitors and digital panels, etc. Making the process of sketching, inking, coloring and drawing much smoother. Our artist glove can be used on both right and left hand, suits the average hand size, for both men and women.

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  • Two finger design
    Suitable for drawing on graphic tablet with EMR pen.

    Comfortable and practical
    Reduce the friction between your hand and the tablet surfaces

    Product Name Artist glove
    Net Weight 6.5g
    Product Dimension 19*10cm
    Material Spandex