7.6 X 5.6 inch Working Area with Dial Button Graphic Tablet

Short Description:

● 8,192 Level of pressure sensitivity
● 233Pps of recognition speed
● 7.6*5.6 inch. working area
● 1 roller key
● Battery-free EMR stylus
● USB Type-C connection

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popular science knowledge

Efficient Dial – The design of T608 follows the minimalism leaving only one well-rounded dial key on the tablet, but make no compromises to the functionality, you can easily program the dial to fit and improve your workflow. Map them to different shortcut combinations in different software to make it a real production tool for you.

Product application

A handy tool for post processing
Photographers can also find working with a graphic tablet during their post processing can really speed up tasks like creating a detailed layer mask or dodging and burning, the natural way of interact with your computer makes it even better when comparing to the mouse and keyboard.

A more intuitive way to interact
Graphic tablets are gaining popularity as a replacement for the computer mouse as a pointing device. They can feel more intuitive to some users than a mouse, as the position of a pen on a tablet typically corresponds to the location of the pointer on the GUI shown on the computer screen. Those artists using a pen for graphic work may, as a matter of convenience, use a tablet and pen for standard computer operations rather than put down the pen and find a mouse. Popular rhythm game osu! allows utilizing a tablet as a way of playing.

About us

Shenzhen Pengyi Computer System Co., Ltd is a company that has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of graphic tablet for over ten years, we have our own R&D department and factory.

Quality Control

Every piece of tablet that we manufacture will go through strict test to make sure there will be no defect products in the shipment.
Test process
1.Cable connectivity test
2.Stylus stability and pressure sensitivity test
3.Induction area test
4.Exterior inspection
5.Functionality test

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  • Selling point is introduced


    Interact intuitively.

    Paper-like Surface Pen-like Stylus
    Draw and write on the computer in a more natural way for human.


    Thin, light, portable.

    7mm 324g Smaller than A4
    By far, the lightest A4 sized model we have ever created, you can put it in your backpack with ease


    Get rid of latency.

    >233PPS 5080LPI
    High report rate and resolution, provides you with a smooth and uninterrupted drawing experience.


    Sense the force.

    8,192 Level Pressure Sensitivity
    The stylus creates natural-looking lines of various widths, allowing you to produce exquisite strokes with ease.


    Keys that matter.

    8 programmable press keys
    Customizable shortcut keys allow you to adjust settings for different application scenario. With multimedia keys, it is much easier to access more function without using keyboard.


    Strong compatibility.

    Support Windows Mac Linux Android


    Built-in driver.

    The built-in driver feature allows you to install the driver without connecting to the internet

    Product Name T608
    Net Weight 345g
    Product Dimension 280mm × 193mm × 8mm
    Package Dimension 344mm × 247mm × 48mm
    Working Area (PC, Mac) 190mm × 145mm(7.48” × 5.71”,diagonal 9.4”)
    Working Area (Mobile device) 190mm × 110mm(7.48” × 4.33”,diagonal 6.7”)
    Resolution 5080 LPI(line/inch)
    Report Rate 233 PPS (points/second)
    Press Key 4 programmable keys (Programmable on Windows ONLY) + 1 dial controller
    Interface USB-C
    Voltage 5V
    Current ≤60mA
    Driver Built-in driver (Manually install required)
    Compatible system Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Android 5.0 or later (OTG support required)Mac OS 10.7 or later